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Monday, 7 May 2012

Avocado Lip Balm

I was having fun with ingredients today and decided to share what I know about the avocado and its uses in cosmetic preparations...

 We all know that avocado makes a mean guacamole and is excellent in sandwiches, but how is it used in the cosmetic industry? Like all things that are nourishing for the body avocado has many applications that are wonderful for the outside of the body as well as inside. Avocado oil is used in many high end or artisan soap, lotions and creams. It is full of Omega 3 fatty acids and is beneficial especially on sensitive or mature skin. Because of its purported restorative properties and its natural sunscreen ability it is especially nice in creams and other topical applications. It is readily absorbed by the skin which provides nourishment to the skin as well as providing excellent ‘feel’ to products which incorporate this oil in the formulations. The oil is expressed from the soft green tissue surrounding the pit.

Did you know you can eat an avocado pit? I recently made a wonderful smoothie and included the pit (of course you need a high end blender that can blend bolts and glass for it to be edible).

Avocado Lip Balm

1 ½ Tablespoons Avocado Oil
1 teaspoon virgin coconut oil
1 Tablespoon natural beeswax (melted)

Melt beeswax in a double boiler. A great disposable double boiler uses a recycled soup can in a pan of ½ inch of water over medium high heat. Mix the coconut and avocado oils and melt together in the microwave for about 30 seconds or until the coconut oil is melted. Add the melted beeswax and blend well.  Pour into a lip balm pot or tube. This has a nice coconut and honey taste and smell.

As with all preparations for the skin, allergy test it on a small portion of skin before applying it to large areas of the body such as the entire face. Inside of the wrist application for 15 min then checking for redness or itch is an easy test to perform before using a new product.


  1. How many lip balms does this make?

  2. This recipe will make about 5 small pots or will fill 7 lip balm tubes. Thanks for asking!!!