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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Tingle Soap Wild Mint

One of my favorite soaps to make is made with peppermint essential oil. This past week I discovered Mentha Arvensis which smells a lot like peppermint but is actually Wild Mint. Here is a link that tells you more about Mentha Arvensis...Wiki link to mentha arvensis

 My source is organic which is always nice and 'tingles' in soap just like peppermint.  For all those who wanted the recipe here you go...

Wild Mint Tingle Soap

1 lb melt and pour goat milk base
15 ml Mentha Arvensis essential oil
1/2 c. ground oatmeal

Melt the soap base. Cool until thickening but still pourable. Add the essential oil and ground oatmeal. Stir well and cover until hardened. Cut into 4-6 bars of soap. Wrap each well and store in a cool dark place just as you would essential oils. Use within 6 months --essential oils evaporate quickly so make only as much as you will use. You can try adding the eo's to a Tablespoon of orris root powder and it will hold the scent longer.

Warning: This really DOES tingle sensitive parts. It won't burn the skin in this dilution. But it does leave a cooling tingle that lasts for 20 min to an hour.