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Saturday, 28 January 2017

CRBA Capital Region Beekeepers Association Demo Recipes

Jentle Soaps
CRBA Honey and Beeswax Beauty Crafting Demo Recipes

Krissy's Bath Bombs
1 c. Sodium Bicarb (baking soda)
1/2 c. Citric Acid
1/2. C. Cornstarch
2 T. Coconut Oil
2 t. Honey
1 t. Melted Beeswax
1 t. Water
2 t. Scent (eg. Lemongrass Essential Oil)
Mix bicarb, citric and cornstarch. In separate bowel mix melted coconut oil, honey, beeswax, water and scent. Combine wet and dry. Quickly and firmly pack into moulds. Tip out carefully and allow to dry overnight.

Honey Soap
1 lb honey melt and pour soap
3 T. Honey
4 T. Honey cappings
2 tsp. Almond essential oil or fragrance of your choice

Melt soap in microwave at 2 min intervals. Add cappings and essential oils once the soap begins to cool to a thick consistency. Pour into moulds. Once it hardens, slice into bars.

Honey Bee Lotions
Honey Foot Cream: 2 T. Multibase EL 1/2 t. Honey
Warm all ingredients together in microwave. Mix well. 10 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

Light Honey Lotion: 1/4 c. Multibase Easy Lotion 1 c. Water 1 T. Honey
Warm all together in microwave. Mix well. Add up to 1 t. Lavender Essential Oil.

Honey Mist/Hair Conditioner: 1/4. c. Multibase EL , 2 c. Honey tea (2 c. Water 1 t. Honey) 4 drops Ylang ylang essential oil. Warm all together and mix well until incorporated. Pour into a mister and use to hydrate the skin when required.

Honey Sugar Scrub
1 c. Granulated sugar, 1/2 c. Honey 1/4 c. Coarse sugar 1 T. Multibase EL
Mix together well. Add water to give the scrub a paste consistency. Use in shower to exfoliate.

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