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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Rabbit Files: New Mini Lop Kittens for Sale

We have a litter of baby rabbits (kittens) ready for new homes. Freckles (the dame) and Leonard (the sire) had 6 little kittens. Pure breed Mini Lop kittens, no papers.  We start house training them and they are handled by children.  They are $75 each. Here have a look at how cute they are...

This little one is a male black and white an very camera shy. Sex is yet to be determined. Look at those long ears!

I think this one is a little buck. He's got a pattern of light brown spots down his back, around the eyes and of course on his pretty long ears. He's mostly white and very soft.  SOLD

This little one is very camera savvy. Not afraid or timid at all. Very pretty tortoise broken mini lop. This little girl is very cute.

This little cutie was knocking down the nuts while we took pictures. Beautiful broken brown pattern mini lop.

This little mini lop likes to play with balls. Most rabbits do. Bananas are a favorite treat as well. This little one is mostly white with light brown (red) down back and around eyes. SOLD

The last little cutie has a mustache! Well spots on one side of the nose that look very cute. Lighter brown broken pattern mini lop kitten. Female

This breed has very soft fur, a friendly personality and grows up to be a small to medium size rabbit.

Here is a link to more information about the breed Mini Lop..