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Monday, 22 May 2017

English Angoras Improved!!!

I just want to update my site with pictures of my homegrown English Angoras that I'm really pleased with.

This is Tufftoo. She's my Holland project designed to keep the size small and has improved (I hope) the texture and type of wool in her line...

She has a wonderful personality and we're taking her to show despite having some issues with mites about 2 months ago. I really hope the judges like her texture as her density is going to  work against her in one spot at least this show. She grows out almost matt and felt free but is quite a bit of work after 5 inches of growth (but totally worth it as you can see). She's a tiny girl under all that fluff (just over 5 lbs).

This is Rosie. She's my brood doe in my REW lines. Although she has too much guard hair she also grows out fairly easily and has a full and DENSE coat right now.

Rosie is a wonderful mother and has fostered several other kits as well. She is a little prone to hooking up with my French Lop however and has had a litter or two of hybrids with him. First time it happened I was so excited to get Harli angoras and then I actually thought about who I know has harlequin in his lines. Grr. He's a perfect angel in the house (totally housetrained) and apparently has won this girls heart twice now, I may actually keep one to see if Giants (angora) start to emerge, LOL.

This is Cole. He's a beautiful dark black homegrown boy from a line I picked up in Vancouver. His growth pattern in his face suggests that he has some French in his lines somewhere but it's not on his pedigree. He has a lovely dark coat and is one of the sweetest boys in my lines. He tends to molt at least once a year so comes from molting EA lines. He's an easier care buck as well.

His mother Blueberry was a terrible dame. She nibbled most of her litters and this guy was no exception but we saved him. He's missing one toe! 

My first ARBA show quality boy came in a couple of years ago (Cole is his kit). His name is Ricki. I got a doe (Lucy) but she never bred with him due to arriving with a vent disease and passed before she could fully recover and have kits of her own.


He's given me some pretty good kits and we're excited to incorporate some new even better does and bucks into our lines.  Cole has Chu's Daniel (a grand champion REW) in his pedigree. I just got Frosting from him (a rew kit we're taking to the upcoming VIRBA Vancouver Island show on June 3)

I'm very excited to announce we've gotten some amazing lines from Tessa Black. She's worked with Windle Wabbits and the kits we're seeing from her are WOW! From my new Chestnut's first litter (she was bred with Respendence-a blue tort (he's gorgeous),   we got a rainbow of colours. Black, Opal, Blue, Chestnut, REW and even a cream one that chilled so we didn't get to see him grow out.  I'll be posting pics soon!

Dark and mysterious. Don't worry the wait is worth it!
Chestnut Kit

There is a little castor foster sibling in this pile. Can you pick him out?

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