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Saturday, 9 February 2013



Sugar is a very popular additive for cosmetics these days. It is a bigger 'craze' than the bacon products. The most popular products are types of 'scrubs'. What is a scrub? A scrub is a exfoliate for the skin.  Sugar is very gentle to the skin and isn't as irritable to open sores as salt which is also a popular scrub ingredient. The most favored types of scrubs are solid sugar scrubs and cream based sugar scrubs. Two of my favorites are Brown Sugar Body Scrub and Mojito Lip Scrub (posted here on June 5, 2012). I recently designed two different solid sugar scrubs which can also be used in the bath. One is soap based and the other is oil based for extra moisturizing.

Honey is another sugar that has cosmetic benefits but we'll save that discussion for next time.

So here are the recipes...

Brown Sugar Scrub

4 c. Brown Sugar
1-2 c. Unscented thick skin cream or lotion
1 T. Almond fragrance 
Measure the brown sugar into a large bowl. Add cream or lotion until desired consistancy is achieved (some prefer a thicker scrub paste. Add fragrance oil (you can us your favorite of course--almond is mine). Mix well and store in a cool dry place.

To use in the bath or shower. Rub handfuls of the scrub all over the body avoiding delicate areas (be gentle to your skin). Rinse well.

White Sugar Scrub
 4 c. white sugar
2 T. Vitamin E oil
4 T. Jojoba 
Almond Oil (not fragrance)
1/2 t. Sweet Birch essential oil

 Fill your container with sugar. Add vitamin E and Jojoba. Add fragrance. Slowly add the Almond oil until desired consistency is achieved. 

This sugar scrub is oilier and more moisturizing than the Brown Sugar Scrub. It is especially good for those with dry skin or for use during the harsher winter months. Sweet Birch essential oil smells like a wintergreen candy and leaves the skin tingly like a mint soap. If you prefer not to tingle pick your favorite fragrance or essential oil. You can tint it to match the scent. Use 1 tsp food grade dye or soap tint.

Soapy Solid Sugar Scrub
1 c. melt and pour soap base.
1 1/2 -2 c. sugar (regular white)
1/2 tsp fragrance
Melt the soap base in the microwave. Mix in the fragrance oil.  Add the sugar until it resembles a paste. Pack into molds. Cool and pop out of the molds. Store in a cool dry place until ready to use.

Melty Solid Sugar Scrub
1 c. cocoa butter
1/2 c. virgin coconut oil
1-2 c. sugar
1/2 tsp fragrance (optional)

Melt the cocoa butter and coconut oil. Add fragrance oil. Mix in sugar until you get a thick paste (as much as you can with it still sticking (make a snowball and it doesn't fall apart). If you add too much sugar add more coconut oil. Pack into soap molds or small plastic cups. Pop into the refrigerator so the oils will set firmly and quickly. You can also use ice cube trays for this one. It's the perfect size for a single bath or shower.

Using natural cocoa butter makes these melty solid sugar scrubs smell like chocolate so pick a fragrance that goes well with both cocoa butter and coconut. I prefer not to add any scent as coconut candy bar scent is pretty awesome.
 P.S. This one even tastes good and can be used on the lips to remove dry skin. ** *Just be gentle.

These make great Valentine's Day gifts. Tint pink and tie with a bow and you are set to wow all your favorite valentines!
Pictures to follow... Enjoy!!

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